Pop Stop

By Bruce L. Snell

March 23, 2008

Category: Uncategorized


Nikon D300 | 20mm f/2.8 lens | ISO 400 | f/9 @ 1/320th


4 Responses to “Pop Stop”

  1. I see “Brucey-pop” is sporting a new D300. You dog. Can I play with it? So, how do you like it? Are you a full-fledged Nikon guy? Or are you just giving it a test ride? Okay, I’ll stop with the questions.


  2. Doug –
    Technically, I’m in a trail period with the Nikon stuff through next Tuesday. I’d say unless I run across something unexpected, I’m a full-fledged Nikon guy.

    So far, I like it. Seriously different from Canon as far as controls and settings. This may take some time to master. Are you available for consultation?


  3. Actually not so much a “trail period” as a “trial period”.

    I type faster than I think sometimes.


  4. i dig this bruce. now if we could just ask the layering gods to find us a little person to put in that side view mirror.

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