Stremelled birdbaths

I’m up in northern Michigan this week working on my Stremelling technique. These blown glass bird baths seemed like perfect subjects. No eye to the viewfinder – just held the camera under them and invoked the will of Doug to make it all happen.

Photodude: Michael // Nikon D200 // Nikkor 17-35 @ 17mm // f/2.8 @ 1/1600 // ISO 100


2 Responses to “Stremelled birdbaths”

  1. OK, first off… love the colors and the white background. Second… I gotta start Stremelling cause that seems like a really easy way to get great results. Do I have to start drinking wheat beer in one hand while I shoot with the other?


  2. Now I’m really laughing out loud. I left a note on Mike’s blog asking what it was to “Stremel” a shot. Now I’m up to speed. BTW Bruce – dark beer is the preferred method. And if you set the camera down and put it on self-timer – you can have a hot dog or BBQ rib in the other hand.

    You guys always make me laugh. And I really, really love this shot. Wish I would have Stremelled it!


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